How do I get a pet passport/Health Certificate

All the information you need can be found on the government website links as follows: Bringing you pet to the UK www.gov.uk/bring-pet-to-great-britain Travelling from the UK www.gov.uk/taking-your-pet-abroad

Can I travel with my pet?

Yes you can, all trips are tailor made for your requirements

Do you travel by ferry or Eurotunnel?

We can do either, whichever you prefer

How will my pet travel?

All pets will be transported in secure crates with comfortable blankets and fresh water at all times.

Will my pet ever be left alone?

No your pet will never be left alone. Overnight the driver also sleeps within the pet transport vehicle. If you have chosen a designated service then your pet will stay overninght in a hotel room along with our driver.

Will my pet be exercised en route?

Yes we will have regular stops for exercise and play. We make a point of stopping to take you dog our for a walk and exercise along with feeding etc.

What kind of vehicle will my pet travel in?

For our shared service - Your pet will travel in a bespoke animal tranport vehicle designed to carry live animals. A number of our vehilces are ex-police therefore prepared to a very high standard with the latest climate control and air conditioning systems including circulating roof fans. If you decide to opt for the designated service and travel with your pet then we use fully air conditioned MPV vehicles, with seating for up 6 passengers

How much will the trip cost?

As the trips are tailor made we will work out a cost for your requirements. Please contact us for a personal quotation.